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making the right connexion
Engaging the CIO (for Sales Teams)
Drawing on the cxo experience's long term interaction with the UK's top CIOs, this module enables Sales Teams to get 'inside the minds' of the country's top CIOs. It enables team members to understand how the CIO thinks, what the 'current issues' are (based upon recent research) and which engagement approaches are successful. In addition, it provides valuable advice on how to get a first meeting, how to approach and prepare for it and, most importantly, how to establish a lasting CIO relationship which will maximise sales revenue opportunities.
Buyer Centric Sales (for Sales Teams)
A large proportion of sales effort is wasted due to a fundamental failure by the vendor to understand its targets' ability or willingness to buy. There is a multiplicity of sales methodologies developed over the years which have become quite sophisticated, and successful for some. However, none of these takes into account the way that CIOs and their organisations buy. Thus, vendor centric efforts are, at best, sub-optimal. This module builds on 'Engaging the CIO', faciltitating and enabling the nascent CIO relationship to maximise sales revenues into the future.
Engaging the CIO (for Marketing Teams)
Typically, vendors develop products and services that they believe their clients and prospects wiill want to buy. As a consequence, they develop marketing collateral that they believe will appeal to clients and prospects without due consideration for real issues and desired solutions. This module ensures that propositions do not hit the market without proper understanding of what CIOs need for their business and through which medium they wish to be communicated with.
Optimising the Tender (for Bid teams)
Responding to 'Invitations to Tender' is a frequent activity for vendors who tend to use a tried and tested process and, at least in part, dedicated teams. The problem is that teams, and their process, act in isolation from the buying community. the cxo experience adds that 'buying input' to bid teams to maximise the chance of a successful tender.