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making the right connexion
The Technology Vacuum
Although Gartner Research suggests a 6% reduction in global IT spend in 2009, the total is still predicted to be $3.2 trillion.The taxonomy of this expenditure, however, continues to change from product purchase to solution acquisition and implementation. Thus, the value of each transaction increases as the number of IT vendors declines through consolidation. The conundrum is, therefore, that the vendors need to market their solutions 'higher up the food chain', whilst they still employ product sales forces. Meanwhile, the very cxos (CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs, CIOs) that Vendors target to facilitate solution sales rue the fact that they are largely ignored by Vendors' product sales forces.
the cxo experience Solution
the cxo experience is an innovative company that seeks to address the problems created by 'The Technology Vacuum' that impact both Vendors and cxos. It seeks, through its services, to assist Vendors to more effectively communicate with, and sell to, the cxo community and for cxos to source the right solution for their business issues in a timely and cost effective manner. the cxo experience services are proven and have been deployed connecting Global IT vendors with the cxos of FTSE100, FTSE250, Central and Local Government Agencies and non UK domiciled corporations.
the cxo experience Provenance
The directors of the cxo experience have many years experience of both the buyer and supplier side of IT. Thery have occupied various cxo roles for major brand named corporations and have also operated at directorial level in IT vendor organisations. the cxo experience works with a limited number of business associates who have similar bipartheid experience of the IT market. It also works with valued and accredited partners to complement its services, as appropriate.
the cxo experience Corporate Social Responsibility
During these economically stressed times and with environmental issues constantly in full focus, the cxo experience takes its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. Whilst enthusiastically commercially focused, it endeavours to include charitable giving and participation in charitable events as a fundamental cornerstone of its business ethos.